Police are looking into fresh sexual harassment allegations against the disgraced former head of a Jerusalem yeshiva after a one-time student published a Facebook post saying that the rabbi, a convicted sexual offender, had harassed him on two occasions, Channel 10 reported.

Rabbi Moti Elon had recently returned to public life after a long hiatus following a conviction on two counts of sexual assault in 2013. He had been sentenced to six months of community service following the conviction, which he served.

The former student decided to publicize his accusations after a religious Zionist conference last Thursday in Elon’s hometown of Migdal, in which both Elon and national religious rabbi Haim Druckman participated.

“Due to Rabbi Druckman’s shocking support of convicted sex offender Rabbi Moti Elon, I decided to share something that I never thought I would share – Rabbi Elon sexually harassed me on two separate occasions,” the Haaretz daily quoted the accuser as saying online.

Druckman was known to have supported Elon throughout his investigation and subsequent trial.

The accuser’s post garnered wide publicity, making waves in a religious Zionist community already forced to come to terms with Elon’s behavior and some rabbinical support for him.

“Rabbi Druckman’s behavior is a stain on religious Zionism,” read a headline on the national religious website Srugim. In the article, another prominent rabbi, Ronen Neubert, slammed Druckman and other rabbis for their support of Elon and said their public association with Elon would cause more harm to his victims.

Before the allegations against him surfaced, Elon was one of the most prominent Zionist Orthodox leaders of his generation in Israel. A prominent educator, he was also the head rabbi of Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem’s Old City.