A judge has gotten herself in a mess after telling two female lawyers that, at the rate they were bickering, they’d likely soon take off their clothes, don bikinis, and get into a round of mud wrestling, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Thursday.

The two lawyers filed an official complaint, the paper said.

Attorneys Michal Mosseri and Alona Friedman had a lengthy debate over a divorce case in front of Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court judge Hani Shira, who got fed up with their arguing.

“Soon you’ll wear bikinis and we’ll open a mud bath,” the judge told the two. The judge went on to say that the situation came about “because you’re both women,” the attorneys reported.

The judge was accused of using a number of phrases which showed a lack or respect toward the court session. “I can leave. I have more interesting things to do. … I can only say how lucky I am that this isn’t my case and that I’m just a judge on call,” Shira reportedly said.

Friedman and Mosseri filed their complaint with Judge Eliezer Goldberg, who heads the body responsible for dealing with such charges. Shira said she was misquoted, and said the move “was a vain attempt to terrorize the court, which dared to describe the conduct of the two lawyers.”

Goldberg nevertheless determined the complaint was justified and ordered the matter be passed on to Supreme Court President Asher Grunis for a more detailed inquiry.