Hebron Palestinian group declares third intifada

Hebron Palestinian group declares third intifada

Video shows eight men announcing creation of united Palestinian front against Israel, set to include Fatah, Hamas, and other political and militant outfits

A video released Saturday purports to show eight Palestinian terrorists from the West Bank city of Hebron declaring the start of the third intifada and announcing the creation of a united front against Israel, set to include representatives from groups both political and militant, such as Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO).

In the video, eight men with covered heads and faces, one of them holding Islam’s holy book, the Quran, can be seen.

According to Ynet News, the men announced in Arabic that they support the recent UN recognition of the Palestinian National Authority as an observer state, but add that more remains to be done — a conquest of “all of Palestine, from the sea to the river,” in a third intifada spreading “from the heart of Hebron to all of Palestine.”

The men also reportedly said that if Israel continues to make arrests in the West Bank, they will kidnap IDF soldiers. They warned that if Israel were to kill Palestinians, they would retaliate “with an iron fist.”

Meanwhile on Saturday, Palestinians and settlers clashed outside the settlement of Yitzhar, in the West Bank. One Palestinian woman was injured by rocks and evacuated to a Nablus hospital. Security forces used riot dispersal measures to restore peace and quiet in the area.

On Friday, some 3,000 Palestinian protesters marched from Hebron’s city hall toward an Israeli checkpoint, as part of demonstrations throughout the territories marking the 25th anniversary of the Hamas terrorist organization.

IDF and Border Police forces stationed near the checkpoint, which guards the city’s Jewish neighborhoods, fired tear gas canisters to disperse the protesters after they began throwing rocks at one of the Jewish-owned homes.

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