Syrian rebels reported on Friday that the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah requested a ceasefire for several hours, so that it can extract the bodies of its fighters from an area near Homs.

A rebel spokesman warned Hezbollah, which supports the Bashar Assad regime, against any further participation in the 19-month-long civil war in Syria. In an interview with Saudi-owned daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat, the spokesman said that the rebels would take the battle to Beirut, if Hezbollah didn’t heed the warning.

Also on Friday, the rebel Free Syrian Army accused Hezbollah, a Shiite organization, of attempting to drag Syrian Shiites into perpetrating the massacres that are taking place in the country.

A spokesman for the supreme military council of the rebel army said that dozens of Hezbollah fighters are dying daily in Syria.

On Sunday, Syrian rebels ambushed and killed 75 Hezbollah militiamen who entered the Homs suburb of Qosayr, the British-based Strategic Research and Communication Center said. Syrian sources reported that the Hezbollah fighters came to assist a Syrian army assault on rebel positions in the Homs suburb. The Lebanese Shiite group responded by shelling the town with rockets.