IDF soldier suspended for suspected use of live fire on Palestinian protesters

IDF soldier suspended for suspected use of live fire on Palestinian protesters

Soldier filmed throwing rocks, shooting what appears to be live ammunition near Nabi Saleh; investigation is underway

The IDF suspended an officer Tuesday after he was filmed using live fire against stone-throwing Palestinian protesters two weeks ago. The protesters were partaking in a weekly protest against Israeli settlements next to the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

A video, uploaded by activist Bilal Tamimi of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, shows an Israel Defense Forces soldier first respond to Palestinian stone-throwers by throwing rocks, and then firing what appears to be live ammunition.

The IDF said it is looking into the incident.

“Upon receipt of the video, we started researching the incident and preliminary examination suggests that use of live ammunition,” the army said in a statement, according to Ynet news. The army added that the officer would be suspended until the investigation ends.

Senior IDF officials stressed that the use of live fire represents a violation of army orders.

In the video clip, Palestinian protesters can be seen throwing stones at Israeli soldiers standing on a nearby hill. One soldier throws stones in their direction, while the soldier in question responds by shooting what is believed to be a stun grenade or tear gas.

Two of the protesters, masked-Palestinian men, continue to throw stones in the soldiers’ direction. The soldier in question then approaches them, throws stones at them, and retreats up the hill. He then comes toward the two protesters and throws stones at them again — and then comes even closer, and shoots what appears to be two to three shots of live fire at them.

The protesters were not hurt in the incident.


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