An Iranian delegation will make an official visit to Gaza later this month, in a sign of the strong ties between Tehran and the Palestinian enclave.

The visit will come a little over a month after the end of Gaza’s eight-day mini war with Israel, in which the Hamas-ruled strip used Iranian supplied weapons and technology to fire 1,500 rockets at Israel’s south and heartland.

The Iranian representatives will tour the Strip and distribute food and medical supplies to locals who were injured during operation Pillar of Defense.

According to Palestinian News Agency Ma’an, the delegation is expected to arrive at the el-Arish port in the Sinai Peninsula by boat and will enter Gaza via the Rafah Border Crossing. Egyptian security officials confirmed Wednesday that they have authorized the visit.

Hamas and Iran strengthened their ties in the past months, especially following operation Pillar of Defense. Hamas claims to have launched Iranian supplied Fajr-5 rockets at Israeli territories during the clashes while Tehran boasted it was providing Gaza militants with technology needed to design the rockets.

On Wednesday, Iran congratulated North Korea on its successful launch of a long-range rocket, which was reportedly built with Iranian technology.

“North Korea, just as Iran, is isolated by the international community and is subjected to heavy sanctions,” Iran’s armed forces deputy chief, Brig. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, told the Fars news agency. “Dominant powers like the United States cannot halt the progress of independent states who through resistance can quickly tread the path of scientific and technological self-reliance.”

Jazayeri’s comments came only two days after a South Korean newspaper reported Iranian ballistic experts were offering assistance to North Korea technicians. Tehran denied having played any role in preparing for the launch.