More than twenty of Israel’s most notable celebrities — including world-renowned model Bar Refaeli — teamed up for a video in support of Yesh Atid’s proposed civil marriage bill. The video, released Sunday, poses the question “Why do I support the civil marriage bill?” to each celeb to varying responses.

“Because a loving family is the most important thing,” Bar Refaeli responded to the question.

“Because it doesn’t make sense to fly out of the country to get married,” TV personality Yaron Brovinsky stated.

“Because I’m a married man and it’s time the state registered that,” Gal Uchovsky, an openly gay journalist, producer, and screenplay writer replied.

The video concludes with an appeal to viewers to share the video and raise awareness about the bill.

The civil marriage bill proposal was submitted to the Knesset by the Yesh Atid party on October 29. Under the proposed law, marriages that are not conducted by the rabbinical courts would be recognized for the first time and full rights afforded. The Knesset is expected to vote on the bill in the coming month.