The Sudanese minister of information warned in an interview Saturday that his country would take “more decisive steps” against Israeli interests following the bombing of an arms factory in Khartoum.

Ahmed Belal Osman told the BBC that Sudan now views Israeli interests as legitimate targets.

Osman said his country has proof that Wednesday’s bombing of the Yarmouk industrial complex was carried out by Israel, and that experts who visited the scene found evidence that the bombs used were Israeli.

“Only Israel has the technological capability that was used by the attackers,” the minister added.

He said that 60 percent of the factory was completely destroyed, and that the rest of the facility was partially destroyed, according to Israel Radio.

The Sudanese claim that four desert-camouflaged Israeli fighter planes swooped down on a military factory near Khartoum early Wednesday, leaving two dead and devastation in their wake.

The Yarmouk facility — which some reports said makes ammunition for Iran — is located approximately 1,900 kilometers from Israeli territory, approximately the same distance from Israel as Iran, Channel 2 pundit Ehud Ya’ari noted following the attack.

The implication was that if this were an Israeli strike, it would serve as a warning to Iran of the capacity to attack over such a range, on top of dealing a blow to Sudan and Iran in terms of lost ammunition. From Israel, the distance to Yarmouk is further than to certain key Iranian nuclear facilities.

The Israeli military and Foreign Ministry have refused to comment on the bombing.