A group of Israeli youngsters are putting the politics of their parents and leaders aside and galvanizing to collect life-saving winter supplies for the freezing Syrian refugees of the region.

Dubbed Operation Human Worth, the drive is being spearheaded by the Israeli youth organizations Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed in conjunction with the social and education organization Dror-Israel, as well as Israeli Flying Aid, the Israeli global humanitarian organization that was among the first on the ground in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.

The drive, which began on January 1 and will continue through the 10th, is focused on collecting life-saving, emergency supplies to help refugees displaced by the Syrian crisis survive the increasingly bitter winter as the bloody conflict in their country shows no signs of abating. Winter coats, blankets and sleeping bags are among the most crucially needed items and those that Israeli citizens can easily donate.

Fifteen collection points have been set up across the country, and once the drive is completed, the goods will be transferred to Flying Aid storage sites and then distributed to the refugees through various channels.

Because of the ongoing tensions between Israel and Syria, drive coordinators ask that those looking to donate goods not select items emblazoned with Israeli symbols or Hebrew letters, and also note that packing coordinators will remove the items’ tags before distributing them.

Politics should be on no one’s mind at that grave moment, however, said Hod Layish, operation coordinator for Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed.

“This is an emergency situation which we cannot ignore. Our history as a nation and the fact that we are a democratic society obligates us from a moral perspective in order to help all victims, no matter who they are,” Layish said in a press release. “A human disaster of enormous proportions is taking place four hours by car from Tel Aviv, and a mere hour from the Sea of Galilee, committing us as Israelis and human beings to act so lives are saved.”

To find your nearest donation point, visit the Operation Human Warmth website at www.hom-enoshi.org.il or call 1-900-575-252.