Jordan’s King Abdullah II castigated Israel for waging what he called an unjustified war in Gaza, Sunday.

In an interview in which he made no mention of Hamas, the king urged the world to hold Israel accountable for what he termed a bloody, devastating “wide-scale assault.

“The pain and suffering that we have been witnessing and living through during this aggression, which has indiscriminately taken the lives of innocent people, refutes Israel’s claims that the war is justified,” Abdullah said, in an interview Sunday with the Jordanian daily Al-Ghad. “First and foremost, Israel is responsible for the aggression on the strip.”

Abdullah, whose country has maintained a peace treaty with Israel for 20 years, described the “latest aggression on Gaza” as “the fourth wide-scale assault since Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the strip in 2005. It is the bloodiest and most devastating in terms of casualties, especially among women, children and the elderly — entire families have been massacred. Our heart goes out to Gaza and its people. We share their tremendous pain and emotions.”

He said it was “innocent civilians — particularly in Gaza — who are paying the price, which is completely unacceptable from a moral and human standpoint,” and that the international community “must hold Israel accountable for what it has committed.”

Abdullah said he backed Egyptian efforts to end “the Israeli offensive” and that Jordan would use its international presence at such forums as the UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council “to bring the aggression to a complete halt and prevent any recurrence, guarantee the success of efforts to reach a lasting truce, mobilize international efforts to rebuild Gaza and provide a conducive environment to re-launch conclusive final-status negotiations to reach a peace that is based on the two-state solution.”