Gaza kids’ show hails attackers as ‘true heroes’
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Gaza kids’ show hails attackers as ‘true heroes’

WATCH: Child presenters tell young viewers that Palestinians killed by Israel are framed as terrorists, then ‘executed in cold blood’

Children in the Gaza Strip participated in a kids’ TV show in which they hailed as “true heroes” Palestinians who have stabbed Israelis during the current surge of terrorism and violence.

The October 4 segment, aired on the Gaza-based Al-Kitab TV, showed young girls wearing the traditional hijab and keffiyeh discussing the almost daily attacks by Palestinians on Israelis in recent weeks.

“Glory and eternity to our pure martyrs. We salute their families, and we revere the young heroes who have sacrificed their lives for Jerusalem, and who carried out all those great heroic acts,” one of the girls said.

“We love them and kiss their hands, because they are true heroes,” the young host added.

Against a colorful animated backdrop, the girls reported the dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces were “executed in cold blood,” and asserted “the occupation” falsely claimed that they were perpetrating terror attacks.

“When the settlers see a Palestinian walking down the street, they throw a knife next to him, and claim that he was trying to carry out a stabbing operation,” one said.

She encouraged other mujahideen (Muslim martyrs) saying that one day “all the museums of the world” would honor them.

“The Israelis fight with missile and tanks, but we fight with stones. We are not afraid. They are more afraid than us. They love life,” she concluded.

Ten Israelis have been killed and dozens injured in a string of Palestinian terror attacks since the beginning of the month. At least 50 Palestinians have also died, many while carrying out stabbing attacks on Israelis, and others in clashes with security forces.

The segment was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a US-based media watchdog group, and uploaded to YouTube on Thursday.

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