American pop superstar Lady Gaga has canceled her upcoming show in Indonesia over threats from Islamist hardliners, who threatened “chaos” if she were to enter the world’s most heavily Muslim populated nation.

Local promoters announced on Sunday that Gaga’s managers had called off the scheduled June 3 concert, citing “security concerns” for the performer, crew and spectators, reported The Jakarta Post.

Some 52,000 fans had already bought tickets to the show.

“This is not only about Lady Gaga’s security, but extends to those who will be watching her,” said Minola Sebayang, a lawyer for the concert’s local promoters, Big Daddy.

Muslim groups in Indonesia accused Gaga of promoting “satanic values” in her music. One group, the Islamic Defenders Front, had gone as far as threatening to intercept the Grammy Award-winning singer the moment she “landed her feet” in Jakarta.

Earlier this month, local authorities had refused to issue a permit for the show in light of the threats. Big Daddy representatives had indicated that they were negotiating with Gaga’s management to tone down the overtly sexual nature of the performer’s act, however her team vowed there would be no compromise to appease religious conservatives or censors.

Big Daddy director Michael Rusli said it was “unfortunate” that the show had to be called off. The government had given its support, he claimed, “but this is not about the permit.”

“The cancellation is really due to concerns over security,” Rusli said.