Channel 2 reports on a shouting match between Israeli and American officials charged with preparing US President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel.

At a meeting of the two teams, the Israeli team asks if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can accompany Trump on the president’s planned visit to the Western Wall, a sacred site to Jews. The Americans officials are quoted as rejecting the suggestion, saying the president’s visit to the site was in a private capacity.

When the Israelis nevertheless suggest that the publicity accompanying Trump’s tour broadcast his visit live, a “senior American official” retorts, “Certainly not. This isn’t your jurisdiction. This is part of the West Bank.”

The tone, Channel 2 says, citing Israeli officials, is “rude.”

The meeting then degenerates into “actual shouting,” according to the TV report, with Israeli officials responding that the Western Wall is sacred and sovereign Israeli territory.

Channel 2, reflecting the views of Israeli officials, suggests the exchange reflects the “ignorance and arrogance” of the Trump preparation team. “This is about Trump, and everyone else is an extra, including the prime minister,” the television report offers.

“For example, there is no answer yet [to the Israeli request] that Netanyahu speak alongside Trump at Masada.”

A PMO official responds to the Channel 2 report, saying, “The statement that the Western Wall is in the West Bank was received with shock. Israel is certain that this statement is contrary to President Trump’s policy.”

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