Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, decrying the lack of progress in peace talks, said in an interview with Haaretz on Thursday that he would dismantle the PA and “give the keys to the Muqata’a” — his government complex in Ramallah — to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, effectively dumping responsibility for the Palestinians on the Israeli leader.

Netanyahu, the Palestinian leader added, will have to decide, after the upcoming elections, which direction to take regarding peace talks with the Palestinians.

Abbas, who spearheaded the recent successful diplomatic effort to upgrade the Palestinians’ status to nonmember observer state in the United Nations, has threatened many times to resign and dismantle the PA.

Abbas also said Israel had reduced its security cooperation with Palestinians in the West Bank to protest their successful bid for upgraded status at the United Nations.

Israel’s military denied the charge and said security cooperation continues.

Abbas said Israeli soldiers have started entering West Bank cities without Palestinian coordination.

An Abbas aide, Tayeb Abdel Rahim, said Israel’s army detained 200 Palestinian officers in recent months, mostly for short interrogations.

Israeli defense officials responded Friday that soldiers enter Palestinian cities only when they think Palestinian security forces are not providing enough support. They spoke anonymously in line with government regulations.

Israel earlier suggested the possibility of reducing security cooperation in retaliation for the Palestinian UN campaign.