Mandy Patinkin for PM of Israel?
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Mandy Patinkin for PM of Israel?

Homeland star says he wants to run the country, with Stephen Colbert at his side, to bring regional peace

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Mandy Patinkin on the Colbert Report (Colbert Report screenshot)
Mandy Patinkin on the Colbert Report (Colbert Report screenshot)

Mandy Patinkin, star of the hit television series Homeland, told talk-show host Stephen Colbert that he has a plan to bring peace to the Middle East, and perhaps the whole world, by becoming prime minister of Israel. And he invited Colbert to be his security adviser.

Patinkin was a guest on Colbert’s show to discuss filming of the fourth season of Homeland, an award-winning TV show based on an Israeli series. Talk got around to how, with current turmoil in the region, truth is now more alarming than fiction.

“Did you know that the show would be less frightening than reality?” Colbert asked.

Patinkin, who plays the CIA Middle-East Division Chief Saul Berenson in the TV series, dropped a bombshell by saying he had a plan to solve the global unrest.

“I have an antidote for it all,” he replied. “I have a solution that I have come up with.”

After inviting Colbert to join him in his grand plan, before revealing the details, the actor, who is proud of Jewish roots, went on to explain his idea, to be implemented as soon as filming was finished.

“Given the state of the world, and its epicenter, which I feel is the Middle East,” he said, “I am going to offer myself to be possibly elected as the new Prime Minister of Israel.”

Patinkin’s suggestion drew rapturous applause from the audience.

“I would like to suggest, that given your right-wing point of view on occasion, that you would be my security adviser, because security if paramount in that part of the world, ” he added. “Therefore I feel with you as the head of security and me as the head of moral and ethical attitude to humanity, the combination of the two might calm the region, into on occasion laughing at itself.

It was not clear if Colbert accepted the offer, although Patinkin did point out that all his duties could be performed without his leaving the studio.

The new season of Homeland is due to be broadcast from October 5.

Last year Patinkin used an appearance on Colbert’s show to plug the third season of Homeland by performing a “marriage” during the show including a Jewish blessing.

A blessing from Mandy Patinkin (photo credit: Screenshot the Colbert Report)
A blessing from Mandy Patinkin (photo credit: Screenshot the Colbert Report)

Sounding and looking very cantorial, Patinkin sang the Shehechiyanu and explained that it is “a blessing that celebrates new beginnings.”

Then, the Homeland actor turned to directly face the camera. “And like the new season of Homeland. Sundays at 9 pm. Only on Showtime,” he deadpanned.

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