Palestinian Health Minister Hani Abdeen visited Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital Sunday, the first ever visit by a Palestinian minister to the country’s largest medical facility.

Abdeen’s visit was arranged in order to promote the increased employment of Palestinian medical staff workers and further the cooperation between the hospital and the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health, according to a report by AFP. Abdeen was accompanied by a delegation of senior Palestinian officials and met with Dr. Yuval Weiss, Hadassah’s director.

“Hadassah considers cooperation with our Palestinian neighbors as a top priority,” Weiss said. “Medicine is a bridge to peace. There are no borders when it comes to treating patients.”

Abdeen also emphasized the importance of Palestinian cooperation with the Israeli hospital in the fields of medicine, medical research and teaching.

According to the hospital, at any given moment there are some 60 Palestinian doctors in residency at the facility.

Abdeen thanked the Hadassah staff for giving him an opportunity to visit the facility and commended the hospital for its treatments and capabilities.

He concluded his visit by handing out gifts to Palestinian patients at the hospital.