A Palestinian man hurt in a November 5 car-ramming attack in Jerusalem succumbed to his wounds on Sunday, his wife said.

The Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem confirmed that Abd al-Karim Nafith Hamid, 60, of the West Bank village of Anata, died on Sunday morning. A spokeswoman for the hospital said Hamid had a heart attack at the scene, and had been evacuated for treatment in serious condition.

Druze border policeman Jedan Assad, 38, and 17-year-old yeshiva student Shalom Ba’adani were killed in the terror attack.

Hamid’s wife Umm Ibrahim told the Palestinian Ma’an news agency that her husband had been injured in his spine and feet, and had a heart attack. But in the immediate aftermath of the attack, she said, he was denied treatment and brought to Shaare Zedek hospital in handcuffs.

“After the Israeli forces identified the injured people, they handcuffed my injured husband because he is an Arab and didn’t offer him the appropriate treatment. Neither did they evacuate him to the hospital immediately,” Umm Ibrahim said.

She acknowledged that at the hospital, he was placed in the “intensive care room and he was given all the necessary surgeries, but he was declared dead today.”

Hamid was to be buried at the Bab al-Sahira cemetery in the Old City. He is survived by two widows and 12 children.

On November 5, 48-year-old Ibrahim al-Akary plowed into pedestrians at a light rail station along the seam between East and West Jerusalem, in an attack claimed by Hamas.

Police said the Shuafat resident hit pedestrians at a light rail station on the corner of Bar Lev and Shimon Hatzadik streets, close to the Border Police headquarters on Route 1, and then continued driving along the tracks, hitting several cars along the way until finally crashing to a halt.

Akary got out of his commercial van and began attacking a group of policemen with a metal bar before Border Police at the scene shot and killed him.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.