Police on Wednesday cleared for publication the name of the man suspected of a horrific quadruple murder in northern Israel on Saturday afternoon.

Nadav Sela, 28, is suspected of stabbing to death his wife, two young children and a neighbor’s child in the town of Migdal, near Tiberias.

Sela’s remand has been extended for a week until next Wednesday.

Dor Crasanti-Sela, 23, was killed alongside her sons Yosef, aged 2, and one-year-old Binyamin. The third child found dead was Nachman Atia, aged 11, a neighbor. Nachman’s 10-year-old brother, Natan, apparently escaped by fleeing out of a window.

Neighbors realized something had happened when they spotted Natan wandering along the street wounded.

Sela, who has no criminal record, was arrested nearby shortly after the bodies were discovered.

He was said to have confessed to the killings.

Erez Moshkowitz of the public defender’s office, who is representing Sela, said at the remand hearing that his client had been sent for psychiatric evaluation.