Seventy-one percent of Americans view Israel favorably, the fourth straight year the Jewish state has received a favorable rating of 70% or higher, a Gallup poll found.

The survey was released Wednesday, ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States and meeting with US President Donald Trump. It was conducted earlier this month.

The favorable rating included respondents who said they viewed Israel very or mostly favorably.

Since 2014, the proportion of Americans who say they view Israel favorably has remained at 70% to 72%, according to Gallup data.

Israel’s favorability rating in the most recent poll did not fall below 61% for any major demographic or political group. Republicans and adults aged 65 and over had the most positive views of the Jewish state at 81% and 77%, respectively.

Earlier this week, Gallup released data from a poll that showed Americans nearly evenly divided over support for a Palestinian state, with 45% backing the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza Strip and 42% opposing it.

Asked about their opinions of Netanyahu, 49% of respondents said they viewed him favorably and 30% unfavorably — both figures the highest recorded in the poll — with 13% saying they never heard of him and 8% saying they have no opinion.