In a partial recording newly allowed to be aired, one of the three slain Israeli teens attempts to report his kidnapping on the night of June 12 by placing a phone call to 100, Israel’s emergency hotline.

“They’ve kidnapped me,” whispers the teen to the operator, as the kidnappers can be heard in the background shouting in Arabic-accented Hebrew at the three youths to keep their heads and hands down.

The operator tries to interact with the caller, said to have been Gil-ad Shaar, but receives no answer.

Seconds later, several loud noises, which might be gunshots, are heard. Someone in the car is heard groaning.

A voice in the car says in Arabic, “Take the phone from him.”

No one in the car speaks from then until the end of the 49-second excerpt of the recording.

At the end of the partial recording, the operator’s supervisor comes on the phone, asking the caller repeatedly where he is.

In the second minute of the full call, Channel 2 reported, the two kidnappers speak to one another in Arabic, but that portion of the call was not on the recording allowed for publication.

The full call itself lasted for 2:09 minutes and was then cut off, according to reports.

The father of Gil-ad Shaar said it was his son who made the call. The bodies of Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Fraenkel were found on June 30 in a field north of Hebron.

The partial recording of the call spread quickly across the country in recent days through the WhatsApp messaging application, prompting the Shin Bet to remove a ban on its publication.

The call was placed at 10:25 p.m. on June 12, the night of the kidnapping.

The call was transferred immediately to a senior officer, who continued to ask questions but received no reply. The officer called the number eight more times, but received three busy signals and reached voicemail five times.

The kidnappers, apparently realizing that a call had been made, shot the three teens dead at that point in the backseat of the car, military sources said.

Army Radio reported Tuesday that the three were shot during the phone call. It said blood and a bullet casing were found in the car.

On Monday, an investigation of the incident found a slew of professional missteps in the immediate response to the call, resulting in the dismissal of four senior police officers.

The following is a transcript of the recording:

100 operator: Police, hello. Udi.

Teen: They’ve kidnapped me.

(yelling in background)

100 operator: Hello?

Kidnappers: Head down! Head down!

100 operator: Hello?

Kidnappers: Head down, down this! Hands down!

100 operator (louder): Hello? Hello?

(loud noises which might be gunshots)

100 operator: Hello?

Occupant of car: (groans)

Kidnappers (in Arabic): Take the phone from him.

100 operator: Hello?

(MK Shelly Yachimovich heard speaking on radio in the background.)

Supervisor: Hello, hello? Answer me, whose phone? Where are you now? Hello?

Mitch Ginsburg and Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.