Son of former minister injures woman in drunk driving crash

Son of former minister injures woman in drunk driving crash

Driver loses control of motorcycle, female passenger in critical condition

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

The son of former minister Avraham Hirchson is being investigated by police after crashing his motorcycle Sunday night while allegedly driving drunk. A female passenger is in critical condition

Barak Hirchson lost control of his motorcycle after reportedly drinking more than the legal limit of alcohol. His girlfriend was riding along as a passenger.

Hirchson, 28, was lightly injured in the accident and released from the hospital later that evening. He was arrested after an initial investigation into the cause of the accident showed his blood alcohol level was above legal limit, a police representative said.

The accident occurred on Yunitsman Street in north Tel Aviv. According to Ynet, the couple had spent some time in the Tel Baruch area, where Hirchson drank beer before the pair got on his motorcycle. During the course of their journey the vehicle struck a sidewalk, knocking them off the bike.

The 24-year-old woman was seriously injured in the crash, her helmet splitting in two from the impact. She was taken to Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv unconscious and placed on a respirator.

Ynet reported that Hirschson has racked up 25 moving violations since obtaining his license in 2002, including a previous charge of drunk driving for which he received a 33-month revocation of his license.

Avraham Hirchson, the driver’s father, held ministerial positions as a Likud party member and is currently in prison after being found guilty of corruption charges.

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