Syria is capable of destroying Israel’s nuclear facilities with 20 missiles, Syria’s ambassador to Jordan, Bahjat Suleiman, told a visiting delegation on Wednesday, pro-Assad news sources reported.

Suleiman, a loyalist of Syrian President Bashar Assad, also told a visiting delegation of Baath Party members and Arab nationalists that Riyad Hijab, the Syrian prime minister who defected to Jordan earlier this month, had received $20 million for his “betrayal.”

He said that Syria was capable of destroying the Israeli installations “if attacked,” despite the grave losses it would incur as a result.

Syria has acquired surface-to-surface missiles from Russia and North Korea which cover most of the territory of Israel. In September 2007, the Israeli Air Force reportedly destroyed a nuclear reactor Syria was developing with the assistance of North Korea, although Israel never officially claimed responsibility for the strike.

On Wednesday, Jordanian media criticized Suleiman for refusing to receive a letter of rebuke from the Jordanian government after a Jordanian girl was injured by Syrian shells near the Jordanian border village of Talat Qurba.