A Mexican tourist was detained for questioning after being stopped at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Tuesday morning when authorities found parts of two disassembled drones in his luggage, Israel Radio reported.

The man reportedly told authorities that he came to Israel to repair the aircraft.

According to the report, engines, wings and cameras of “professional and sophisticated” drones with a range of “dozens of kilometers” were among the pieces distributed among three suitcases that the man attempted to bring into the country.

The man gave police the name and phone number of an Israeli contact who was to have met him at the airport. Police were investigating that person’s identity.

Police were also investigating how the man was able to smuggle the drones through airport security before boarding the plane to Israel without it being discovered by El Al security.

A source from El Al told Israel Radio that the airline operates in accordance with the guidelines set down by the Israel Airports Authority, and refused further comment on security matters.

In October, Israeli forces shot down a drone, allegedly launched by the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, that penetrated Israeli airspace.