Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called President Barack Obama the worst thing to happen to Israel.

The GOP candidate was speaking at a rally in Sarasota, Florida on Monday during his last, breakneck day of campaigning before polls open.

“We will stand strong, we have to stand strong with the State of Israel in their fight against Islamic terrorists,” Trump told the crowd, to cheers.

“Barack Obama was the worst thing that ever happened to Israel … Barack Obama was a disaster for Israel,” he added, to loud boos.

“Believe me, the Iran deal, where we made them rich, we also gave them a direct path to nuclear weapons, but we’ll be working with Israel closely, very closely,” he said.

Trump, kicking off an election day blitz, also told the Sarasota crowd that “the system is rigged, but at least we know it.”

He that “our country is a laughing stock all over the world.”

The Republican nominee then pantomimed quotation marks when he said the word “justice” as he hit the FBI and the Department of Justice for their handling of the Hillary Clinton emails case.

FBI Director James Comey notified Congress Sunday that a review of new emails connected to Democratic nominee Clinton’s servers did not produce evidence that would warrant charges.