Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, told the Times of Israel during a solidarity mission to the Knesset Tuesday that the proper time for a ceasefire is “when Hamas can be decapitated or contained.”

“It is very easy to be armchair generals,” said Hoenlein. “But there are consequences to decisions… We’re here to support the government of Israel — and its decisions — regardless of external pressures.”

Hoenlein says much American media has been devoted to the plight of the Palestinians during Operation Protective Edge because, “blood gets attention. Gore gets attention… This is a price I’m willing to pay for Israel to be safe.”

“The time for memorials to the Jewish people is over. I want a safe and vibrant Jewish state and people,” said Hoenlein.

The Conference of Presidents came to Israel on an ad hoc mission “to experience what the people of Israel experience everyday.” Members are party to briefings Tuesday and Wednesday at the Knesset with top politicians, including president-elect Ruby Rivlin who thanked the mission profusely for its presence.

Hoenlein credits his organization with raising pro-Israel awareness among high profile celebrities and politicians in the US.

“It’s a man bites dog situation,” say Hoenlein, explaining positive items are rarely news.

Americans, say Hoenlein, are used to viewing the news through a distorted image in which the arsonists are the victims, and the firefighters are not heroes.

The one-sided acceptance today of the ceasefire agreement is an important indication of Israel’s intentions, says Hoenlein.

“They (Hamas) exist to kill, Israel kills to exist,” said Hoenlein.