German park to redo new ride shaped as spinning swastikas
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German park to redo new ride shaped as spinning swastikas

Managers of park redesigning carousel after viral video sparks criticism, say they hadn’t noticed the resemblance

BERLIN, Germany — An amusement park in southwest Germany’s Black Forest is redesigning a thrill ride after an online video showed Monday that it resembled spinning swastikas.

The park, Tatzmania, opened a few weeks ago in Löffingen. The ride in question, the “Adlerflug,” or “Eagle Flyer,” features four crooked arms with gondolas.

A park spokesperson told the Vienna-based newspaper Der Standard that staff did not notice the resemblance to the Nazi symbol until critics pointed it out with the online video, which was shared on Reddit with commentary in Dutch.

It is illegal in Germany to intentionally display Nazi symbols.

The offending ride was manufactured by an Italian company, which reportedly will be reworking the design. The park spokesperson would not comment on how much the ride had cost. The cost of converting it reportedly will be split between the manufacturer and the park owners.

According to Der Standard, the amusement park director, Rüdiger Braun, wants to have the four prongs changed to three.

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