Israeli woman who fell out of plane in Budapest flown back to Israel

Israeli woman who fell out of plane in Budapest flown back to Israel

Mother of two Dikla Abitbul, 38, seriously injured after falling onto tarmac, transferred to Beilinson Hospital for continued treatment

The 38-year-old Israeli mother of two who was seriously injured late last month ago after falling out of an aircraft door onto the tarmac at Budapest’s international airport has been flown back to Israel for continued treatment.

Dikla Abitbul fell when a flight taxiing for takeoff at Hungary’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport filled up with smoke and passengers panicked and tried to escape.

The smoke came from an airport towing tug and was sucked into the aircraft by the air-conditioning system. Although the pilot repeatedly announced to passengers that the smoke was coming from outside and that there was no danger, those on board apparently left their seats and rushed the doors.

In the commotion, the cabin crew opened the doors to deploy the emergency chutes enabling passengers to leave the plane. Abitbul, 38, from the central city of Lod, apparently fell from the aircraft before the chute was opened.

She sustained head injuries as well as broken ribs and arms, according to her mother, Riki Sapirin, who spoke to the Hebrew-language Ynet website from Budapest, where she had joined her daughter.

Abitbul was transferred to the Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv, on Wednesday. She remained in serious but stable condition, according to Hebrew reports.

A surgeon and a senior doctor from Beilinson Hospital flew out to Budapest to assist in her treatment, Ynet reported.

The aircraft involved, a Boeing 737, was leased by the Israir company from a Czech low-budget airline to replace a plane that was unable to fly the day before.

Abitbul had been on a five-day holiday in Hungary organized by her workplace.

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