1 million liters of fuel from Egypt eases Gaza electricity crisis

An official says the sole power plant in electricity-starved Gaza has resumed operations after receiving 1 million liters of fuel from neighboring Egypt.

The shipment undercut Western-backed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas who has been exerting financial pressure on Gaza’s ruling Hamas to cede ground in the territory he lost in 2007.

This week, Abbas reduced the flow of electricity funded by his West Bank autonomy government and delivered to Gaza via Israel.

Gaza electricity company spokesman Mohammed Thabit says electricity sent from Israel is down 40 percent.

He says the power plant resumed operations on Thursday with Egyptian fuel, making up for the Abbas-initiated cuts.

The fuel shipment results from an alliance of convenience between former rivals, including Hamas and Mohammad Dahlan, a disgruntled ex-Abbas aide seeking to make a political comeback.

— AP

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