After Atlanta massacre, Jewish groups rally on behalf of Asian Americans

Jewish groups are rallying in support of Asian Americans following a string of murders yesterday at massage parlors in Atlanta left eight people dead, including six Asians.

Police in Georgia say the 21-year-old suspect may have been motivated by hatred of women and not anti-Asian bigotry. But in the wake of reports of rising levels of anti-Asian harassment and violence amid the coronavirus pandemic, the attack is likely to exacerbate the community’s fear regardless of the alleged gunman’s motives.

“It’s clearly going to have an effect on the psyche of the Asian-American community,” Dov Wilker, the regional director for the American Jewish Committee in Atlanta, says. “Anti-Asian hate crimes have been on the rise nationally, and this will put the community on edge.”

Authorities investigate a fatal shooting at a massage parlor, late Tuesday, March 16, 2021, in Woodstock, Ga. Officials say 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, of Woodstock, Georgia, has been captured hours after multiple people were killed in shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)