Angelina Jolie: Israeli strikes in Gaza are ‘deliberate bombing of population, murder’

Actress Angelina Jolie has attacked Israel’s air campaign in Gaza as “the deliberate bombing of a trapped population” and “murder.”

In an Instagram post, Jolie shared a photo of a recent Israeli strike in the Strip’s north, saying: “Gaza has been an open-air prison for nearly two decades and is fast becoming a mass grave. 40% of those killed are innocent children. Whole families are being murdered.”

She added: “By refusing to demand a humanitarian ceasefire and blocking the UN Security Council from imposing one on both parties, world leaders are complicit in these crimes.”

Washington and other world leaders have said a ceasefire as Israel tries to eradicate the Hamas terror group’s infrastructure in the Strip would hand the terrorists a win in the wake of their devastating October 7 killings in Israeli communities.

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