At year’s end, Israel’s population stands at 9,656,000; 178,000 babies born in 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, some 9,656,000 people live in Israel, according to an estimate published by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Of them, 7,106,000 (73.6%) are Jewish, 2,037,000 (21.1%) are Arab, and 513,000 are defined as “others,” including non-Arab Christians, members of other faiths and those listed as not belonging to any religion.

The past year has seen some 178,000 babies born, 74.8% of them to Jewish mothers and 23.8% to Arab mothers.

About 73,000 new immigrants arrived, 58.1% of them from Russia and 21.3% from Ukraine — the direct effect of Moscow’s invasion of its neighbor. In 2021, the number of immigrants was about a third of that, 25,000.

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