Daughter of woman hurt in Jerusalem attack: Terrorist told our mom he doesn’t shoot women

The terrorist who murdered seven people near a synagogue in Jerusalem on Friday night told people at the scene that he wouldn’t shoot women — before murdering a woman, according to eyewitness accounts.

Leora, whose mother and sister were at the scene of the deadly attack in Neve Yaakov, tells Kan public radio that her mother had already been shot and wounded when the terrorist advanced toward them.

“When he got to them, they said ‘please don’t shoot us,’ and he turned around and said ‘I don’t shoot women,'” Leora tells the radio station. He kept moving, she said, “and it seems that one of the women confronted him and he just shot her in the head.”

Alqam Khayri, a 21-year-old from East Jerusalem, shot and killed seven people — including two women — before he was shot and killed by police officers. It was the deadliest Palestinian terror attack against Israelis since 2008.

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