Despite years in coma, ‘Israel has not forgotten Sharon’

Ariel Sharon’s former aide, attorney Dov Weisglass, offers a philosophical perspective on Sharon’s funeral.

“We felt the great shock and sadness in 2006,” he tells Channel 2. “Since then, eight years have passed that got us used to the idea that he’s not with us.”

Today, he says, “we’re overwhelmed by the great honor, interest, admiration, from Israel and around the world, for a man who was not only an Israeli figure, but a global one. There’s nothing more cruel, or shorter, than the public’s memory,” Weisglass said with uncharacteristic bluntness. “Things change daily, and the man left public life eight years ago.”

For those who were close to him, he adds, “it touches our hearts to see how much his legacy and story are still so powerful.”