Female politicians pan rabbi for saying women have no place in politics

Former Jewish Home MK Shuli Moalem-Refael says she is “flabbergasted” by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner’s rejection of Ayelet Shaked as a leader of a united right-wing slate because she is a female.

“The presence of women, including religious women, in the public sphere is clear,” she says, according to the Srugim website.

Blue and White MK Orna Barbivai, who was the first female head of an IDF directorate, says Aviner’s comments “will give a motivational push for women on why they should be in politics,” according to Channel 12 news.

In an interview Thursday, Aviner said “the complex world of politics is no place for the female role.”

“Thank you to Rabbi Aviner for reminding me why I got into politics,” Blue and White MK Miki Haimovich tells the Kan broadcaster.