Gazan illegally in Israel accused of transferring millions to Islamic Jihad

Prosecutors file charges against a Palestinian from Gaza on suspicion that he transferred millions of shekels to the Islamic Jihad terror group while living illegally in Israel.

According to prosecutors, Nasim Nasser, began to handle money transfers and debt payments in 2019 on behalf of other Gazan workers illegally in Israel, while residing in Nazareth. A year later, a Hamas operative allegedly agreed to work with Nasser to transfer money to Islamic Jihad leaders in the West Bank city of Jenin.

The operative would then give compensatory funds to Nasser’s relatives to distribute, prosecutors allege.

Overall, Nasser is accused of sending NIS 4 million to terror groups while earning tens of thousands of shekels from charging Islamic Jihad and the Gazan laborers for his services.

Prosecutors request he remain in custody until the end of proceedings.

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