Gazan injured in fighting hospitalized in Petah Tikva — report

A Gazan man captured by Israel after being injured in intense fighting inside the Strip is being treated in an Israeli hospital, Channel 12 news reports.

According to the report, the man was arrested and taken to a holding facility with other captured Gazans, but authorities requested he be moved to a hospital given the severity of his injuries, apparently sustained during a gun battle with troops.

He is currently hospitalized at Sharon Hospital in Petah Tikva, which is one of several facilities supposed to treat security inmates needing hospital care, the channel say.

Authorities tell Channel 12 they expect to return the man to the holding area in the coming days once he is well enough.

The report notes that the Health Ministry signed off on treating him, despite Health Minister Uriel Buso earlier ordering that public hospitals be barred from treating “terrorists.”

A source tells the channel that the man is stable and under heavy guard.

In October, riots broke out at a hospital after rumors surfaced that a Hamas member who took part in the October 7 onslaught of southern Israel was being treated there.


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