Hamas rages at Spanish tourist who posed in ‘immodest’ clothes at Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Hamas terror group that rules the Gaza Strip launches a campaign against a Spanish tourist who posted pictures in what the group called “immodest” clothes while visiting the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The young woman is pictured wearing a flowing green dress with a low neckline. In one picture she reveals a leg through a slit in the dress.

Several media outlets associated with the terror group run items on the woman, with Hamas spokesman Hazem Kassam calling her a “Zionist extremist.”

“A Zionist extremist desecrated the blessed Al-Aqsa compound and published revealing photos on it — something that constitutes an unprecedented provocation against the feelings of the Palestinian people and a continuation of the defilement of the purity of Al-Aqsa, as well as Zionist contempt for the entire Arab people,” Kassam said.

Israel’s Kan public broadcaster said the unidentified woman was a Christian tourist from Spain.

The Temple Mount is the holiest place for Jews, as the site of the biblical temples, and Al-Aqsa is the third-holiest shrine in Islam, turning the area into a major flashpoint in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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