Hamas said to demand halt to war even if no agreement reached regarding deal’s 2nd phase

Channel 13 news publishes what it claims to be details from the Hamas terror group’s amendments to the Israel-American proposal for a truce and hostage deal, though it doesn’t say how these were obtained.

The Hamas demands include a complete halt to the war, even if no agreement is reached regarding the second stage of the three-phase deal. The current proposal said such negotiations would start during the first phase, and Hamas is said to contend that it won’t agree to a deadline after which fighting could renew if no agreement is reached.

Hamas is also reportedly demanding that the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip start during the first phase of the deal, rather than the third phase; that Israel not be allowed to veto the release of any Palestinian security prisoner, after Israel agreed to compromise greatly on this matter; and that no murder convicts be deported abroad or to the Gaza Strip.

“This is the most extreme response Hamas could have given,” the network quotes an unnamed Israeli official as saying. “It is apparent that the American pressure has not worked. It is hard to start a negotiation in these conditions.”

In addition, Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar outlet has reported that Hamas is demanding that the IDF will start its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip on the first day of the first phase, with the key Salah a-Din and Al-Rashid highways, the army facilities in Netzarim, the Philadelphi Route along the Egypt-Gaza border and the Rafah Border Crossing all vacated by the seventh day.

If Israel doesn’t commit to a full withdrawal from Gaza by the seventh day, the release of hostages will stop, according to the reported Hamas response.

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