IDF: Fighter jets strike rocket launcher in south Gaza ready to be used in attack on Israel

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

Israeli fighter jets struck sites in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, after a rocket was fired from the area at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha yesterday, the military says.

According to the IDF, the rocket fell short and struck an area near the border fence.

In another strike in southern Gaza, fighter jets hit a rocket launcher that was ready to be used in an attack on Israel, the IDF says.

The military says the strike was carried out after civilians sheltering in the area of the rocket launcher were evacuated first.

In central Gaza, airstrikes were carried out against mortar launching positions that were primed for attacks on troops, the IDF says.

The Navy also carried out strikes along the Strip’s coast over the past day, largely in support of ground forces operating in central Gaza, the military adds.

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