IDF says it found weapons belonging to elite Hamas force, strikes carried out on Gaza terror cells

The Israel Defense Forces says troops found military equipment belonging to the Hamas terror group’s elite Nukhba forces in a Gaza clinic, stashed inside bags marked with the logo of the UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA.

As one of the main organizations providing aid to the Gaza Strip, there have been previous reports of the aid agency’s packaging apparently being repurposed by the terror group.

The IDF says RPGs, Kalashnikov-type weapons and ammunition were found in a nearby building.

In addition, the military says strikes were carried out on a number of terror cells and destroyed a number of tunnel shafts in the Khan Younis area.

Furthermore, troops located a warehouse containing dozens of Kalashnikovs, over a hundred cartridges, remote-activated charges and a number of RPGs. Forces destroyed the warehouse.

Last week, it was reported Israel is hoping to push UNRWA out of the Gaza Strip post-war. The outlet cited a high-level and classified Foreign Ministry report that recommends a number of stages to the move, including a comprehensive report on alleged UNRWA cooperation between Hamas, which rules Gaza, and the UN body that provides welfare and humanitarian services in the Strip.

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