IDF says it struck terrorists hiding in UNRWA school, took steps to avoid harming civilians

The Israel Defense Forces says it has carried out a precise strike on a compound used by the Hamas terror group inside an UNRWA school in central Gaza, while taking extensive precautions to reduce harm to civilians.

The Hamas-run government media office has claimed at least 27 people were killed in what it termed the Israeli “massacre.”

“A short while ago, fighter jets… conducted a precise strike on a Hamas compound embedded inside an UNRWA school in the area of Nuseirat,” the army says in a statement, adding that several terrorists were “eliminated.”

The IDF says the compound was used by members of Hamas’s elite Nukhba force who took part in the terror group’s October 7 massacre in Israel, in which some 1,200 were killed and 251 were taken hostage.

The army says the terrorists, along with members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group, “directed terror attacks from the area of the school, while exploiting it as a civilian location and as shelter.

“The strike eliminated terrorists who had planned to carry out terror attacks and advance imminent terror schemes against our forces,” the IDF says, adding that “many steps were taken before the strike to minimize the risk of harm to uninvolved people” — including analyzing aerial footage and using precise intelligence.

It releases an aerial photo showing where in the compound the terrorists had allegedly been staying.

AFP contributed to this report.

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