IDF says settlers hurt 3 soldiers in West Bank after torching truck, assaulting driver

Settlers assaulted a group of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank who came to protect the driver of a vehicle that the settlers had set on fire, according to the military.

In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces says the settlers attacked the Israeli driver of the truck at a junction outside the Kochav Hashahar settlement, before setting the vehicle ablaze. Troops called to the scene provided medical treatment to the driver while working to distance the dozens of assailants, who the IDF says responded by using force toward the soldiers.

The settlers lightly wounded two officers and another soldier, according to the IDF, who says they were treated at the scene.

The statement adds that the military condemns attacks on soldiers, calling on those responsible to be brought to justice, adding that troops are operating around Kochav Hashahar “to protect the residents and maintain law and order.”

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