In ‘error of judgment,’ IDF patrol leaves Hebron market at demand of PA forces

The Israeli military has opened a probe after a video was shared on social media showing Palestinian police officers ejecting an IDF patrol from a Hebron market.

The army says in a statement that the commanding officer of the force made an “error of judgment.”

In the video, widely circulated on Palestinian social media, a group of armed men from the Palestinian Authority security forces is seen approaching an IDF patrol, with an officer saying in Hebrew: “What are you doing here?”

He then vigorously urges the soldiers to leave. The soldiers briefly appear to resist his demand but then the force commander indicates that they should leave. The Palestinian security officers follow the soldiers to ensure they leave the area, while locals jeer at the Israeli force.

The IDF says in a statement that the soldiers were patrolling in the area of the market and that the Palestinian officers arrived without prior coordination.

“The force commander made an error of judgment when he decided to leave the point. The incident is being investigated,” the army says.

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