In video, Gazan lashes out at Hamas in Hebrew for ‘eating meat’ while civilians suffer

Gianluca Pacchiani is the Arab affairs reporter for The Times of Israel

An undated video circulating on social media shows a Palestinian civilian speaking defiantly against Hamas, as he addresses Israeli soldiers in Gaza in Hebrew and lashes out at the terror group’s leadership for abandoning Gazan civilians.

“Don’t leave here,” the Gazan appears to shout at the soldiers, as he trudges down a muddy track with three other men and an elderly woman seated on a wheel cart.

“People are asses, they don’t understand anything. We have nothing to do with all of this. It was [Yahya] Sinwar and [Ismail] Haniyeh,” the man cries, referring respectively to the Hamas leader in Gaza and the politburo chief abroad.

“Haniyeh is at a restaurant in Turkey, and Sinwar is under the ground, eating meat – while we are here, eating bullets to the head,” the man shouts.

The terror group has been ruling ruthlessly over the Gaza Strip since 2007, repressing all forms of dissent and, according to Israel, neglecting many civilian matters in favor of its terror efforts against the country.

Various video clips circulated after Israel launched the war against Hamas in October have shown armed gunmen from the group confiscating trucks carrying aid for civilians. Reports indicate that some of the aid is sold by Hamas members on the black market at highly inflated prices.

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