Iran’s Rouhani denounces Israel as ‘the enemy of the region’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani denounces Israel as “the enemy” of the Middle East in comments ahead of Quds Day, which Iran inaugurated after the 1979 Islamic Revolution to protest the Jewish state’s existence.

“The Zionists are the enemy of the region, the security of the Palestinian people, the enemy of the nations of the region and the executioners and atrocities of history who have displaced millions from their homes,” Rouhani says during today’s cabinet meeting, according to his office.

He adds: “The Zionists hold grudges against the Iranian nation… and have always tried to strike at this nation.”

Rouhani asserts Israel is failing in “the two great seditions” of opposing a US return to the 2015 deal limiting Iran’s nuclear program and undercutting Tehran’s ties with neighboring states.”

He also addresses the talks on reviving the nuclear deal, predicting the US will soon lift sanctions, which President Joe Biden has repeatedly pledged not to until Iran returns to compliance with the accord.

“Today, our people are witnessing the fruit of their patience and resistance in the Vienna talks, and in my opinion as the head of the government, the sanctions have broken and they will be lifted soon if we are all united,” Rouhani says.

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