Israel tells Arab countries that its response to Iran won’t endanger them – report

Israel has reassured Arab countries in the region that its response to Iran’s attack will not place them in danger, the Kan public broadcaster reports, amid concerns from several countries that they would be held accountable by Tehran in the event of an Israeli retaliatory strike.

According to the report, Israel has informed allied countries such as Jordan, Egypt and the Gulf states that its response, when it comes, will be carried out in such a way that Iran cannot implicate them in the retaliation.

The reported reassurance from Israel to its neighboring countries comes after top Iranian commanders warned on Sunday that Israel and its allies would face a bigger attack if it retaliated against the more than 300 drones and missiles launched by Tehran over the weekend.

In particular, Tehran’s comments have sparked concern in Jordan after Iran’s official media warned that Jordan would be the next target in the event it cooperated with Israel in a showdown with Iran.

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