Israeli driver says rioters hurled rocks at his car, lucky police came fast

The Jewish driver whose car was pelted by rocks near the Old City, causing him to ram into a Palestinian rioter, says he was trying to escape when he lost control.

Roi Mordechai tells Channel 12 news from his hospital bed that his car was attacked at one junction but he managed to escape and called police.

“When we arrived near the Lions’ Gate, on the way from our home to the Western Wall, they started hurling cinder blocks, breaking windshields, trying to open the car doors,” he says. “We tried to escape and our vehicle almost tipped over after getting on a rock on the road.”

“An Arab put his hand through the window and sprayed gas — I don’t know whether it was pepper spray or tear gas,” he says. “My two friends were mildly wounded in the face from rocks. Fortunately, police were with us on the line and arrived within five minutes, or else I don’t know how it would have ended.

Mordechai says his face and hands are still burning from the gas.

“I have lived near the Old City for six years, there have never been such things as what has happened over the past month.”

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