Israeli woman who fell to her death in Brazil identified as Alma Bohadana

The Israeli woman who fell to her death in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is named by Hebrew media as Alma Bohadana, in her early 20s, from Kibbutz Yasur in the Western Galilee.

Citing Brazilian reports, Hebrew media says the woman was walking with her partner through Rio de Janeiro and saw a motorcyclist who they feared was trying to rob them. While apparently trying to flee, the woman jumped over a wall, and the 15-meter fall into a forest led to her death.

Alma Bohadana, who died in Brazil on May 7, 2024, after falling from height. (Courtesy; used in accordance with Clause 27a of the Copyright Law)

However, Brazilian reports cited by the Daily Mail say Bohadana was vacationing alone in the country for three months, with the man who had been with her during the incident saying he had only met her at the hostel in Rio, where Bohadana arrived 10 days ago.

The man has reportedly given several different testimonies to police, saying once that a motorcycle was heading toward them and once that it had been a red vehicle.

The investigation by local police is ongoing.

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