‘It took a few seconds’: Lawyer Ephraim Arnon murdered in front of his wife

A 71-year-old lawyer who was murdered this morning at the entrance to his home in Nesher, near Haifa, has been named as civil attorney Ephraim Arnon.

Arnon was murdered in front of the eyes of his wife, Ruth, who tells Channel 12 news: “Two masked men came around 6:30 a.m. and murdered him in his home. He set out for work with a bag of food in his hand, I accompanied him to the gate to wish him a good morning, like every day. They stabbed, stabbed and stabbed. They didn’t utter a sound. It took a few seconds.”

“We have been married for 49 years, we have two girls and four grandchildren,” she says in tears. “He was an excellent husband, father and grandfather, a best friend.

Police are still searching for the murderers.