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Shiraz and Adir Tamam, 38 & 40: Left behind two orphaned girls

Murdered on the way to the Supernova music festival on October 7

Shiraz Tamam and Adir Tamam (Courtesy)
Shiraz Tamam and Adir Tamam (Courtesy)

Adir Tamam, 40, and his wife Shiraz Tamam, 38, from Holon, were murdered while they were on their way to the Supernova music festival on October 7.

The couple sought safety in a roadside bomb shelter when rockets started firing as they drove to the party, and they were murdered by Hamas inside the shelter.

Adir’s body was discovered on October 11, and was buried October 13; Shiraz’s body was not found until October 16, and she was buried the next day alongside her husband.

They are survived by their two daughters, Goshen, 10, and Gili, 8, as well as Adir’s parents, Shoshana and Yigal, and siblings Shoval and Yovav, and Shiraz’s parents, Rivka and Zion, and her two sisters, Sharon and Carmit.

Both Shiraz and Adir worked as therapeutic swimming instructors, Shiraz with those with special needs and Adir with young children. Shiraz also worked as a receptionist at a lawyer’s office and Adir worked as an electrician.

Adir’s father, Yigal Tamam, wrote on Facebook that he was “sure that my son fought until his last drop of blood to try and save his wife and his friends.”

At his funeral, Yigal recounted, Adir’s loved ones “said that if someone wanted to move a wall, they would call up our Adir, who solved everything with a hug, a smile and love! He was never a guy of fights or arguments, he and his wife were lovers and pursuers of peace!”

Shiraz’s sister, Carmit, told Ynet: “How can we part from a woman like you? The most unique mother I know. You’re my little sister, but I looked up to you in admiration. In our last conversation on that terrible Saturday, you were afraid and I didn’t succeed in calming you down. For that, I ask forgiveness, my beloved sister.”

Adir’s brother, Yogev Tamam, described checking his phone every day “if by some chance you read my messages, but it still hasn’t happened. I want somebody to wake me up from this nightmare!!” While clearing out their apartment, Yogev wrote, “Every item that we pack is a reminder. The stories, the memories, everything in the past tense.”

Shiraz’s employer paid tribute to our “beloved receptionist who was an inseparable part of us for 12 years. Shiraz did everything, knew everything, but never wanted to take credit. Everything was done in a perfect way behind the scenes without her needing any applause. Shiraz was the stable and sane anchor of our office.”

Adir’s brother, Shoval, wrote on Instagram that the couple “really loved the sea, loved taking trips with their girls… they loved love and they loved music festivals, they helped everyone with anything they could — they were people of love and peace.”

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